Stretch Break - Upper Body

20 mins sequence as a perfect stretch-break from desk or home-based working.

This class includes a warm up for the wrists, jaw, neck and shoulders and then targeting more deeply ways to open up the upper body to reverse our rounded, slumped posture in prolonged laptop/phone use.

Sequences includes wrist strengthening + mobilising exercise, a myo-fascial neck release called neck-shearing, shoulder flossing, and a trapezius muscle release.

Benefits include:

  • counter-act the affects of too much desk-based working or hunched over devices
  • mobilising the neck
  • releasing neck and jaw tension
  • opening up the upper back/chest to help with rounded posture
  • trapezius muscle release exercise

PROPS: a yoga belt (or any other long belt you have at home) optional body rolling ball (size to fit the front of your neck)

Stretch Break - Upper Body

£7.00 / 3 days
£29.00 / month

Unlimited access to all pre-recorded classes, courses and workshops and all live webinar classes per month.


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