Stretch Break - Spinal Decompression

20 mins sequence as a perfect stretch-break from desk or home-based working.

This class includes a warm up for the spine called spinal rocking before

moving into creating space through the vertebrae by an exercise to traction the spine. Also includes mobilising segments and the spine as one and rotation and lateral planes of movement.

This tackles the affects of spinal decompression from prolonged sitting which affects the strength of our core and lower back muscles and ability to align the spine in its natural S-shaped curves.

Benefits include:

  • counter-act the affects of too much desk-based working or long periods seated
  • mobilising vertebrae of the spine
  • releasing tension from lower back, shoulders and upper back
  • tones and lengthens the abdomen

PROPS: a yoga belt (or any other long belt you have at home), foam roller or bolster and possibly 2 blocks

Stretch Break - Spinal Decompression

£7.00 / 3 days
£29.00 / month

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