Stretch Break - Joint Mobility

20 mins full body mobility workout for all the major joints in the body.

Perfect on its own or as a warm up for any strength-based training.

The sequence as a perfect stretch-break from desk or home-based working. Complete alone or as part of the 5-Day-Stretch Challenge.

The range of movement is explored through neck, shoulders, wrists elbows, hips, knees and ankles.

The sequence aims to strengthen/mobilise the joints in the body to aid more freedom of movement in your daily life but also to create greater stability in the joints to avoid injury during training or as we age.

Benefits include:

  • counter-act the affects of too much desk-based working or long periods seated
  • mobilising the joints in the body
  • strengthening the joints so they can stabilise more efficiently through our movements or when we apply a load to them e.g. weight training, carrying a baby
  • improves posture
  • prevents joint aches and pains

Stretch Break - Joint Mobility

£7.00 / 3 days
£29.00 / month

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