Stretch Break - Hips & Pelvis

20 mins sequence as a perfect stretch-break from desk or home-based working. Complete alone or as part of the 5-Day-Stretch Challenge.

This class includes a warm up for the hips through internal & external hips rotation movements before exploring poses that focus on an isometric holding and mobility work for inner and outer hips.

Also includes a sequence to strengthen/mobilise the hips that combine moving in and outs of squat variations from the floor which are linked to primary movements patterns we learnt in childhood to move us from the floor to upright.

The body has forgotten how to move in this way from years of being sated in chairs.

Benefits include:

  • counter-act the affects of too much desk-based working or long periods seated
  • mobilising the pelvis and its range of movement in the hips
  • releasing tension from thighs, inner groins, hip flexors and lower abdomen
  • improves posture

PROPS: 1or 2 blocks or big books

Stretch Break - Hips & Pelvis

£7.00 / 3 days
£29.00 / month

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