Dynamic Hatha - Bends + Twists - 12th July

Live class recording of dynamic hatha on 12th July.

The class starts with a seated breath awareness practice focussed on the throat chakra (vishudda) meaning deep purification.

The warm-up includes opening up the areas that correspond to the throat chakra - dynamic shoulder opening called gomukasana and seated spinal twists.

This class sequence moves us through the use of twists to prepare the body for progressive backbends and as a way to release tension after backbending.

Poses include twisted chair and lunges, thread the needle and lord of the fishes pose (matysendrasana), cobra, upward facing dog and leading to camel (ustrasana pose) with variations using block and belt.


1 block



Dynamic Hatha - Bends + Twists - 12th July

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